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Holiday property management

When you think of a holiday letting, what does your brain conjure up? A glorious white sandy beach? A private villa with a pool? A rural townhouse in a sleepy village? Then you're not an estate agent! For any real estate agent, the term 'holiday listing' makes you think of one thing... a nightmare!
Holiday lettings give you the freedom to come and go like this lovely beach setting

Constant enquiries that can amount to nothing, managing cleaning/turnover crews, late night check-ins, and all manner of breakages and problems which you'll need to be on top off or something is bound to go wrong. Argh, it sounds terrible! 

Worry no more, UltraIT can help! 

Our systems are designed with you in mind, so we are here to help you, your business and your clients to understand everything they need about the business to keep the bookings coming in.

When done right, holiday lettings can be a constant stream of money. Charging high fees for short stays in prime locations means that you can earn big from a little work, but you need a understandable system to manage this that listens to what you need. The first thing you'll need is a website that lists your properties. Your website needs to be understandable and responsive and allow clients to see everything they need to feel comfortable choosing you to make their holiday perfect. Get a website that can rival AirBnb with UltraIT

Rate cards are also needed, this allows the customer to see the price during the different months of the year as well as allowing the customer to book. Whether you want to add discounts for longer stays or different rooms for different groups, our systems allow you to do what you need. 

Finally, a full availability calendar which links in to your system and bookings means you can allow bookings with the peace of mind that there will be no double bookings to mess everything up for you. Keep your clients happy whilst you relax. 


Relax and enjoy the view with UltraIT's holiday listing software

What do you need? 


Are you looking for a solution for your holiday rental investment? Or perhaps a selection of business tools for your holiday homes business? Our list of services allows you to add-on exactly what you need so no wasted money. Grow your business with easy, understandable services that fit into your current system.

  • Bespoke Website
  • Featured Property
  • Property Management
  • Availability Calendars
  • Booking Forms
  • Guest Management
  • Rate Card
  • Full Tech Support